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Dialogue is important at BWNA, but putting faith into action is vital

BWNA is a women's network

We are the North American branch of the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department.

Our mission is to empower women to live out Kingdom life, especially in the area of helping the vulnerable. We can help you in your work with the vulnerable in 4 ways: Prayer, Networking, Resources, and Leadership Development.

“As we continue in our endeavors to unify and empower Baptist women throughout Canada and the United States, we stand solidly on the firm foundation of those that have come before us and look we forward to new and exciting opportunities for Broadening Our Horizons in relevant Kingdom service to God.”

Dr. TaNikka Sheppard

Former President


Baptist World Alliance is a fellowship of 228 conventions and unions in 122 countries comprising 42 million members in 177,000 churches. The BWNA president, along with the other members of the BWA Women's Department Executive Board, is a member of the BWA General Council which meets annually in various areas of the world to determine resolutions and to advance the cause of the Baptist World Alliance.

The Baptist World Alliance Women's Department connects Baptist women from around the world.  It is made up of seven continental groupings. BWNA is the North American branch of the BWA Women's Department and the BWNA president is one of the vice-presidents that make up the Women's Department executive board. This board meets annually just before the BWA General Council meets, in the same location.

While BWNA is the North American branch of the BWA Women's Department, North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) is one of the 6 regional fellowships of the Baptist World Alliance. The BWNA President represents you and your voice on the NABF Executive Committee.

The Baptist World Alliance puts on a Congress every five years. In 2025, it will be held in Brisbane, Australia.


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